R.A.W. (Really Awesome Way) Lifestyle™

After releasing 50 pounds and improving my overall health, the question most have is “How did you do it?”  I would like to say it was a product that I took everyday and voila, it all happened over night…but that would not be even remotely true.

R.A.W. (Really Awesome Way) Lifestyle™ came about from a combination of spirit, mind and body alignment.  I realized that one part cannot function independently of the others. For years, I heard diet and exercise would do it, but after decades of doing it and seeing little change, I was dismayed and stuck.  Perhaps I was meant to be heavy and that was just how it was going to be.  That is until I put the pieces together, which work in tandem.  The R.A.W. (Really Awesome Way) Lifestyle™ is designed to be a platform for holistic living.  Here are the pillars:

  • Self-Prioritization
  • Cleanse
  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Environment
  • Exercise


This can be the most difficult part of all, but the most important. You absolutely MUST put yourself back on the priority list.  Self-prioritization is about personal alignment of the things that increase your inner peace and happiness.  Roles are what we are to others.  Authentic is what we must be to and for ourselves.  Get clear about your purpose and personal why then set values and priorities in place to support them.  Learn your gifts and talents and operate in them.  Take out time for yourself often.  These things help you to feel whole and meaningful.  Everyone benefits when you flow from a place of inner contentment while living authentically in your divine purpose.  At the VIP Coaching level, we start here and dig deep!


Fasting, colonics (hydro-colon therapy), saunas, sweating are all different ways to release toxins and bring the body back into alignment.  There should be releases and eliminations throughout the day of what the body is not using.  In terms of food, the normal process is digest, absorb, assimilate and eliminate.  A movement after each meal is optimum. The diet will determine how easily and frequently this happens.  The digestive track is more than 20 feet long. That is a great distance for food to travel before it is eliminated.  A lot of “stuff” is left behind and hangs out in the system, recirculated and ultimately causes disease and sickness.  It is imperative that we clean and detox everyday – after all, we are taking it in everyday, right?


To be clear, diet in this instance does not mean a program of deprivation, but the daily consumption and quality of food.  All bodies need food for energy and life – but not any kind, but the right kind that nourishes the cells and revitalizes life.  The diet part takes effort to start, but once you begin, it gets easier.  It can quickly become a new way of living and enjoying food.  Live, whole foods do amazing things for the body and you’ll feel and see results relatively quickly.


There are some things the body can’t produce on its own, therefore, extra help is needed, especially if it can’t be obtained from food.  Supplements are just that. Supplemental or a support.  They are not intended to take the place of the natural vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that can be found in food.  They are the extras that can assist us but we have to very careful in how we use them to reduce dependency and overload.


Every day we are bombarded with toxins in our air and food.  There are some 60,000 airborne toxins floating in our homes right now.  If the immune system is not strong, you’ll feel sick often and become allergic to things without warning.  It is critical to flush systems of the chemicals we inhale, put on the skin and hair, and digest food. Also, clearing physical clutter from your life and living spaces allows thoughts to flow free which leads to creativity and progress.  It is difficult to improve yourself without including the spaces you occupy.  A cleaner environment reduces airborne viruses, pathogens and other unseen things that can send your wellness efforts in the opposite direction.


There was a time when man hunted for food and ran through the wild every day.  That was his natural order of fitness and survival.  Today, modern technology has made us more sedentary than ever.  Our muscles and organs have become conditioned to do very little which is a detriment to our well-being.  In order for all of the other parts to work well in the R.A.W. (Really Awesome Way) Lifestyle™, exercise must accompany them.  We can’t change the other aspects and not include exercise.  It is not a standalone activity but part of an essential whole for weight management, stress relief, and overall health.

Coaching provides several ways to begin and maintain the R.A.W. (Really Awesome Way) Lifestyle™!   Contact VKNOX today to get started.

The R.A.W. (Really Awesome Way) to Live School

A holistic, sustainable, self-paced approach to wellness transformation from the inside out! It’s NOT just about food!