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VKnox is a heart and spirit led holistic nutrition wellness practitioner, behavior change specialist, advanced fitness nutrition educator, lifestyle transformation coach and author.  She helps high performing professionals and entrepreneurs incorporate holistic lifestyle changes.  She coaches from the belief that we have answers within us.  The goal is to reach those answers and begin living forward from there.  She connects on various levels, builds trust, and engages several tools to move clients safely and successfully toward their personal weight and wellness objectives.  It is not her program.  The client leads.  She navigates.
Areas of Focus:
Functional Nutrition
Lifestyle Wellness
Weight Management
Digestive and Autoimmune Disorders
Food as Medicine
VKnox knows how difficult it can be to make natural health and lifestyle changes on your own while managing a successful career and family.  As a former partnership development executive, she managed 100 strategic relationships worth millions for National Black MBA Association (host of one of the nation’s largest conferences) and was the major gifts officer for the United Way Metro Chicago Southwest Region.  She later created VJS Enterprises, a business development consultancy, which hosted entrepreneur-focused conferences and programs including business owner classes for The Chicago Urban League. She is an inaugural recipient of the Urban Business Round-table Top 40 Game Changers of Chicago presented by Ariel Investments, Black Enterprise Magazine and Midwest Broadcasting Company.  Her articles and blogs have been featured in Black MBA Magazine, Diversity MBA and FitLifeTV.
After decades of weight and health issues, she finally released 50 lbs through a natural lifestyle change that included cleaner eating, juicing, raw/whole foods and spirit, mind, body alignment.
For more than a decade, VKnox has guided others along the holistic wellness and weight release journey.  She is passionate about whole foods (rather than processed) and shares in-depth knowledge on how clients can harness fuller lives within healthier bodies.  She does not encourage deprivation, diets, or gimmicks, but a gradual lifestyle change led by the spirit within.  Her motto is, “Business doesn’t matter if you’re not healthy!”
Her lifestyle change is chronicled in her book, MY SECRET TRANSFORMATION; HOW I DETOXED MY LIFE AND REINVENTED MYSELF, a memoir, coaching guide and juice recipes, available worldwide.
VKnox holds a BA from Columbia College Chicago and Governors State University, Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner designation from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and several certifications including two from National Academy of Sports Medicine.  A native Chicagoan, adamant juicer, raw foodist, and hiker, she currently resides and practices in Arizona and virtually.

“As a business development consultant, the main challenge I found was not funding, it was HEALTH!  If you are not healthy, business does not matter…my goal wasn’t really weight loss, it was health!” – VKnox

The Author

VKnox culminated her transformation experiences to date in a transparent memoir which is also a coaching guide and includes juicing recipes for anyone on the weight and health management journey.  She is passionate about sharing the realistic trials and triumphs concerning weight loss and personal improvement that makes immediate impact that lasts a lifetime.

How She Transformed

Author, speaker, coach, strategist, instructor…one word that best describes Victoria Knox is TRANSFORMATION!  After releasing 50 pounds and eliminating the need for medications, the question most people have who knew VKnox before transformation is, “How did you do it?”
Struggling most of her life with weight management, yo-yo dieting and health challenges, VKnox learned the key to a R.A.W. (Really Awesome Way) Lifestyle™!  What began as a spiritual connection and fasting journey became a new way to live and resulted in natural weight loss! No diet pills, unhealthy concoctions or strenuous workouts!  The R.A.W. life became her signature program!  She talks about it in detail in her book, “My Secret Transformation; How I Detoxed My Life and Reinvented Myself!”

 I was blown away! The weight had dropped!

Monique Caradine, Media Personality, Money & Visibility Mentor, President, Momentum Media Group


-Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
– Certified Behavior Change Specialist, National Academy Sports Medicine
– Certified Advanced Fitness Nutrition Educator, National Academy Sports Medicine
– Wellness Coach Certification, Dr. G’s International Weight Loss and Wellness
– First Wellness Coach in Southwest Region, Dr. G’s International Franchise
– Life/Business Coach Certification, Compass and Business Design
– Specialty Fitness Certification
– Fitness Program Contractor/Instructor, Village of Matteson, IL
– Healthy Arizona Worksite Program Participant
– CPR Certified, American Red Cross

The Speaker

VKNOX is a knowledgeable, engaging speaker on the topics of holistic health, weight release, and other areas of healthy lifestyle change and management.  With more than 20 years of speaking experience she can move your group to action with an inspiring message.


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